Chelsea Flower Show 2017

BBC Radio 2 Texture Garden


“An immersive, tactile and interactive space”, our ‘Texture’ Garden was designed and built as one of the five BBC Radio 2 ‘Feel Good Gardens’ at the 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Exploring the sense of touch, the garden was designed to create a juxtaposition of both visual and tactile textures. The main feature of the garden was arguably the 3D wall; a sculptural boundary finished in a concrete-effect render of 3 differing finishes to drag your hand and eye over as you move through the space. Within these angular panels we set moss trays for a burst of colour and softness against the muted grey tones. We played with the perspective of the main path by tapering to a point and therefore creating the illusion of length and space. This path ‘floats’ over an angular mirror pool, lined with flat paddle stones that reflect the shapes and contours of the 3D wall. This is fed by a granite waterwall that plays on the contrast of smooth flowing water over a geometric pattern. By creating a sunken seating area, we have used the vertical plane to create a feeling of height. In this seating area you really get a sense of retreat, surrounded by a mass of planting below ground level. The perfectly smooth pebble seats contrast to the decorative gravel and cloud-pruned Pinus Mugo, whilst these Pine blobs also contrast against the soft and flowing planting scheme.

The planting scheme was designed to offer a colour palette that stood out against the muted tones of the space, whilst all the time remaining subtle rather than too vibrant. Warm tones of burgundy and purple were complimented by the soothing tones of cream, yellow and white. This burgundy was also reflected in the very tactile bark of the Prunus Serrula (Tibetan Cherry).