Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Minimalist Cottage Garden


As featured in the November 2016 issue of Homes & Gardens Magazine as a ‘Zen-like calm in an English Garden’, we were commissioned by Cream & Black to design a contemporary space within a wider landscaping scheme. Set in the beautiful Malvern Hills area of South West England, Matt Keightley designed this 320m2 minimalist and modern garden, drawing upon influences from Eastern Asia to reflect the client’s brief.

The scheme focuses on clean, angular lines throughout the hard landscaping and a restrained yet boldly structured planting palette to help create a sense of serenity within the garden. A beautifully calm and clear water rill containing Koi Carp meanders through the garden, fed by the hypnotic tones and movement of our bespoke designed and manufactured granite water-wall (in collaboration with London Stone).

For the majority of the year the planting scheme focuses on multi-layered shapes via cloud-formed Pinus Sylvestris Watereri and Taxus Domes, with carefully considered and selected specimen Magnolia, Pine and Oak trees that project out of the low level formations.

Drawing upon Japanese theories of garden design, Matt aimed to reward patience by only introducing intermittent colour throughout the year. Pockets of Iris Sibirica Blue King set against the muted tones of the hard landscaping, provide flashes of contrasting bright purple in Summer; The petals of the flowering Magnolias that flank the perimeter of the garden and hovers over the central mirror pool provides a fresh, crisp burst of white through Spring; and the Pin Oaks, that punctuate the garden with height and maturity, also introduce stunning burnt tones of Copper and Crimson throughout Autumn.

Photography by Marianne Majerus