Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Shaded Fern Garden


What started out as an area of overgrown shrubs and nettles in a shady corner of a large English garden, has now been transformed in to a wonderfully atmospheric stumpery and fern garden.

The aim of the design by our lead designer, Matt Keightley, was to create a hidden secret retreat under the canopy of the existing trees. By hand selecting and sourcing a collection of intriguing tree stumps, Matt designed breedon gravel paths to wind through newly formed banks of ferns, tree ferns and hostas surrounding the feature stumps. Quarried natural stone punctuates the scheme and forms thresholds in the pathway, with Soleirolia soleirolii planted in the gaps to provide an instant feeling of maturity and authenticity. Specimen River Birch trees were positioned to provide a contrast in tone and texture and as key focal points as one navigates through the shaded garden.