Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Urban Courtyard


This small urban garden was designed to reflect the styling and colour palette of the interior of the home and help provide a seamless transition of the inside to outside. We did this by Reflect dsigning granite in differing finishes and forms to create a variety of muted tones and then injecting bursts of colour through the use of a bright evergreen planting scheme. Because of the high masonry walls to all boundaries, we had to use all surfaces available to us and therefore heavily designed both ground level and vertical planes to create a feeling of space. We positioned three large multi-stem trees to provide additional height, a feeling of privacy and drama within the space and reflected their form in the bespoke artwork. It was essential to reflect their passion for artwork and sculpture in the space, without being too distracting from the main landscaping elements, therefore we sourced granite based sculptures with flashes of silver to pick up on the tones of the bench and decorative gravel.