At Rosebank we create innovative high-end landscapes, where bold architectural choices and naturalistic planting schemes alchemise.  Whether it is an urban garden harnessing contemporary design or a country retreat made with class romanticism, how the built and natural world work together underlies everything the studio produces.  We embrace the individuality of every client and project.  The team work closely with you to understand your personality, needs and motivations, translating this into your bespoke design ensuring your new space is an extension of you and your property. The balance is found between function and aesthetic, innovation and tradition and lastly, between the complex and the understated allowing the creation of a garden that enriches your day throughout the seasons. The fact that this translates seamlessly to our in-house construction team is something so very unique in our industry, bringing the designs to reality and ensuring you are at the heart of the process. We fully consider how you will utilise and enjoy your new outdoor space and how this will grow and develop over time with the optional added support of aftercare for peace of mind and our commitment to seeing your garden grow to its full potential.

Our Green Mission

Rosebank is dedicated to addressing the ongoing global climate change by incorporating biophilic design principles into our practice. We strive to enhance the natural environment while prioritising the well-being of both nature and their end users. Our landscapes actively sequester carbon, promote ecological biodiversity, filter air pollutants, and aid in water management, as well as serving as restorative spaces for improved well-being... another topic close to Rosebank’s heart.

Rosebank is committed to reducing our carbon footprint through innovative construction methods and the responsible sourcing of products that will endure over time. We aim to learn from each of our projects and others to continuously improve our processes to mitigate climate change and make a positive impact on our planet and society. While acknowledging that excellence in sustainability will be an ongoing journey, we believe in the collective responsibility to create a meaningful difference.


The mental and physical benefits of gardens and landscapes have been widely acknowledged by health professionals across the globe. Rosebank’s aim is to harness and highlight the critical importance of gardens to human wellbeing and its healing power.

There are very few, if any, other activities that can achieve all of the things that horticulture and gardening can - in particular, the measurable impact on active lifestyles, mental wellbeing, and social interaction. Nature helps to rest and recharge our brains as well as delight and awake our senses. It improves our environment, protecting us from noise and pollution, as well as extreme temperatures.

’’The health and wellbeing benefits of creating a calming, tranquil outdoor space have been amply proven, and for me, it’s always a key consideration in the gardens that I design for clients, as well as in my own garden.’’Matt Keightley


The harmony of design flair and construction brilliance lies at the core of Rosebank.  This union is fostered by our Co-founders Matt Keightley and Cameron Wilson, whose complimentary expertise form the foundations that the studio is built on. As one of the UK’s leading garden designers, Matt brings a wealth of experience to the business and his personable and customer focussed approach is what shapes the design experience you receive at Rosebank.  Combine this with Cameron’s technical knowledge and management experience in the Construction industry and the outcome is a company that delivers an exceptional experience from end-to-end. The duo have worked together for more than two decades and seek to ensure that Rosebank continues to remain a close-knit team that strives for excellence at every step.

Awards & accolades

Our landscape design achievements include 6 RHS Garden show medals, including 'Best in Show' and People's Choice Awards, establishing us as industry leaders. We're listed among Britain's Top 25 landscape designers by The Sunday Times and House and Garden Magazine, showcasing our exceptional skills and innovative designs.

We've achieved international success with Gold awards from China and the UK's Pro Landscape Business Awards for Best Design & Build. CEOs Cameron Wilson and Matt Keightley contribute significantly; Keightley's presence on judging panels and as a published author demonstrates expertise. Both CEOs also lecture globally, promoting education and growth in landscape design.

Our consistent recognition reflects our passion for creating impactful outdoor spaces and pushing design boundaries.