Landscape design tailored to inspire and stimulate.

Garden designs from the award-winning imagination of Matt Keightley and our design studio.

At Rosebank Landscaping, every garden design is the beginning of a new journey, complete with new challenges and opportunities, and a blank canvas on which to project ideas, express a vision and create a personalised transformative design.

Our design team is led by Creative Director Matt Keightley, one of the UK’s most exciting design talents. A regular exhibitor at prestigious national garden shows, winner of numerous design awards, industry speaker and a published author, Matt has been described as a world-class designer.

It requires vision, skill and sensitivity to unlock the potential of an open space.

Whether a residential garden, commercial grounds or a public space, within the UK or overseas, our professional design team creatively responds to a wide variety of briefs in a broad range of environments and transforms them into cohesive, considered and inspiring design concepts.

Making use of texture, colour, scent, sound and light, we’ll create an environment equally spacious or intimate, elegant or stylish, decorative or functional, delicate or robust, classic or contemporary - a garden that’s rich in natural life, complementing and enhancing all that surrounds it.

“The excitement of seeing your initial sketches and hearing the inspiration behind them filled me with high hopes. And you delivered.”

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