Co-Founders Speak at SGD Autumn Conference


SGD Autumn Conference 2019

Rosebank Co-Founders Matt & Cameron had the huge honour of presenting at the Society of Garden Designers Autumn Conference on October 16th 2019, hosted at the prestigious Royal Geographical Society in Kensington. The theme of the day was entitled ‘The Source 2: Inspiration, Creativity and The Big Idea’ and hosted a collection of ‘internationally renowned speakers’ to discuss how ‘we search for inspiration to solve difficult problems, to design neat solutions, to be different from others, to create satisfaction and pleasure for our clients and ourselves with our ideas transformed into reality, and to respond to a new challenge with all our senses heightened and tickled. New ways of looking and thinking about things are essential to help us think outside the box, to be inventive, and to think big Noah-like ideas.’

Cameron and Matt entitled their presentation ‘Inspired Creativity to Construction Practicality’ which explored the importance of construction considerations early on in the design process. Being a design & build practice, the construction side of the business is absolutely fundamental in helping shape & drive the creativity of the design studio and therefore not only are Rosebank delivering inspiring designs, but crucially they are therefore delivering realistic ones.

“Our aim is to find inspiring solutions to practical problems.”