Delighted with our three wins at the SGD Awards 2017


Matt Keightley, Head Designer at Rosebank Landscaping, was delighted to collect three awards at the Society of Garden Designers 2017 Awards Ceremony. 

When describing our winning garden, judges said “The winning garden exemplifies composition. It is small enough to be seen as a whole, made up of the inter-relation of all of the elements.  Each element has a genuine purpose, with the emptiness or white space revealing the form.  There is a necessary and exquisite attention to detail.  The colour palette is highly restricted, favouring evergreen plants so that the subtlety of shades of green and different textures reveal themselves.  Water is used as a unifying element to guide the eye around the garden and, at one point, is made to move providing focus and animation to the space.  It is a beautiful, serene space.  It is a brilliant exercise in the use of utmost restraint.   It is unbelievably pleasing from every viewpoint.  It is a work of art.”

“A fantastic exercise in restraint demonstrating a clarity, simplicity and purity that is simply beautiful. Accomplished, balanced and well finished, it is a stunning composition, almost spiritual in its concept.”  

“A self-confident planting design showing exceptional skill and offering exactly the right planting solution for the space. Celebrating the art of composition in garden design, it is contemporary, peaceful and very very accomplished.”